Tuesday, June 24, 2008

107.7 The End's Beach House

Last night I took a trip up to Alki Beach (West Seattle) to catch a free concert at The End's Beach House. If you don't know about the Beach House it's a pretty sweet place. This being my first time I was new to the joint as well.

Basically the house is open from 2-10pm everyday. DJ Jordin Silver is On-Air from 6-10pm. Stop by, get free food, drinks, sometimes beer (21+ of course), or just chill and play Xbox 360. The best part is they have FREE concerts with good bands! Last night the band that was supposed to play was Ours. The only problem was they didn't show.

I actually had a great night even though there was no live music. Jordin Silver is really awesome and I'm glad we met! She started DJ'ing with the station in March. You can catch her on the radio M-F 6-10pm!! it's a good listen so check her out. Jordin, thanks for the free tickets! You rock!! You can get more info about Jordin from her myspace: www.myspace.com/jordinsilver.

The next big show that the Beach House will have (and this band won't bail-out) is President's of the USA. It's gonna be sweet so make sure you go to Alki Beach on July 22nd.
One of The End's "Mod's", Read. He works for the station...some job sitting in the back room playing the guitar :D Next time you're at the Beach House go to this room and you'll see how I took this photo.
Below are a few photos of some local kids hanging out. They are the official "Whooooooo" crew when Jordin Silver needs background cheering!
This girl's jacket zips in-half. I had to take a picture!
JS (I'm gonna start calling her that for short) scratched a song and put in an immediate request of mine :) YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Maps.
Before I drove home to U.P. I stopped by the beach for smores and vollyball.

I just love the circle right next to the marshmellow! ...the fire is alright too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Righteous Ride

Honda. Trail 90. Orange.
You envy the 1970's decal and all you see is PEACE.

You wish you had one...and so do I! Charlie Gilmur and I dug through his garage last year and found his dad's old cross bike. One year later we exposed it to daylight. It's orange and silver body was just waiting to get in the sun!

Anyone can appreciate the chrome finish. It just adds a classy touch. The bike is in great condition and appears to just need a little gas, possibly a new battery, and lots of open road! Hopefully, we'll have it fixed up and ready to ride in a week :D

Apparently the bike can reach top speeds of 60mph. The Fuzz will have no chance of catching us!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Creek

I grew up at the Creek. Well maybe not quite, but after buying my first skim board when I was 12 years old, I couldn't get enough of the flatland sand banks and trying to "pop-shove-it". On any sunny day my sister Rachelle could count on a phone call with me trying to bum a ride to the Creek! This summer hasn't included very much sun but today was warm, with not too many clouds in the sky so I headed to the Creek once again.

This weekend, Saturday the 21st, DB Skimboards is hosting the 5th annual Dash Point Pro/Am contest. Be sure to check out their site, http://www.dbskimboards.com/ if you're interested in registering. It's sure to be an awesome contest with some of the best throwin it down! I will be covering the first few rounds of competition starting at 11:30 but will be leaving in the afternoon for a wedding.

My first visit back to Chambers Creek this summer I decided to snap a few pictures of the locals. I don't know everyone by name like I used to. But it was really nice to run into my friend John O'Keeffe, we'll definitely be doing a sick photoshoot in a few weeks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

U.S. Open at Chambers Bay!

....in 2015. If you're a golf fan this last weekend has kept you on your spikes watching Tiger and Rocco duel in an eighteen-hole playoff round ending in sudden-death on the 7th hole at Torrey Pines.

With the beautiful Chambers Bay set to host the 2015 U.S. Open I decided to start practicing my golf technique, at least behind the lens! I photographed on Father's Day with numerous father-son pairs playing on the Scottish-links style course. Visit www.chambersbaygolfcourse.com for more info about the course!

Remember, Call before June 30th for summer discount, and I'll make you look better than Tiger coming from behind twice on the eighteenth to win his 14th major!

Packages include 9 hole coverage for up to 4 players. Make your boss jealous, and remember the moment with inspiring photography. 253.459.2161

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slip and Slide? Definitely!

I showed up at Curtis on Monday ready to photograph my friends in a Cheer Boys performance. It was great as usual. I'm pretty sure some of there moves make the real cheerleaders jealous! It turned out the best part was after the assembly finished. Leadership and others busted out a long tarp and once the water started flowing the fun began!

Hey Tyler...don't fall backwards!

It was very exciting to capture the spontaneity of the moment! I need to make sure water makes another appearence in a photo shoot soon!

The Guys lookin good.