Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dave's Ride

Dave has a sick Chrystler 300! So naturally we took some pictures. And of course they were amazing!!! (Don't let it get to your head Dave). His 300 has a custom grill., 5% tint, and a soon-to-be new sound system. So long to the rims...I'm not gonna explain why they're not going on his car. Enjoy his ride, you wish you had one!

Here's a picture I took while we waited for Dave's car to get washed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The O.C. Fair

Tonight, Dan, Betsy, Lani, and David Livingston, Maddy (David's friend) and I went to the Orange County Fair! I haven't been to the fair since for 2 years and I wouldn't have made it to the Puyallup Fair as usual. The rides were great and we topped it all of with funnel cakes and ice cream :D

Monday Night Polo

Yesterday (Monday), started out with a half-marathon run with Dan Livingston and M.E. Clayton. It's was intense. And it was fun! I've never run 13 miles in my life but now that I can I might as well try train for marathons right? Well after being entirely exhausted I shot the boys 18-under game at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Here's some photos from the game last night.

You might not believe it but there is a player under all that water.

Kyle Kirby takes one to the face as he shoots on goal.

Check out the catch by Peter Nogis below.