Thursday, February 26, 2009

WCD Round 3

The Vikings lost a close battle to Federal Way 54-51. They will now fight for the #3 seed against Decatur.
Derek VanEssen scores a basket for the Vikings.
Curtis #4 VanEssen helps teammate Darnell Williams after he took a charging foul against Federal Way.
Teammates #0 Williams and #3 Chad Rasmussen force Federal Way to call a timeout.
Above left: Curtis #2 Stan Langlow scores two for the Vikings on a back-door pass from Williams.
Down by one point Curtis calls a timeout with two minutes remaining.

January 27th, 2009, Decatur defeated Curtis 57-48. Curtis gets a rematch this Saturday at 2pm.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Andy Davis

Straight from Nashville, Tennesse is the aformetioned Andy Davis. Andy performed at the Freemont Abbey Arts Center on the 11th of February. I'm a new fan and strongly recommend his hip/groovy style of folk music.

It was a great concert and Andy will be back in town March 27th

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Touch the Sky - WCD Round 2

This game was spectacular! Curtis faced neighboring school Mount Tahoma. The first half: very close, with Curtis on top by one. During the second half the game only became more grueling. Fans and players looked intently at referees following every whistle to see the call. In large part Curtis can thank their fans, who were nearly double in size compared to Mt T., for the edge that helped secure their birth in the WIAA playoffs.

By the end of the 4th quarter Curtis slipped from a 4 point lead and trailed by 1 with a minute left. Everyone in the gym was on their feet and the Curtis section displayed many emotions starting with excitetment. However the feeling soon grew to nervousness after 2 near turnovers that each ended out of bounds and Curtis ball. On the third posession with seconds remaining the Vikings inbound pass reached #0 Darnell Williams. A dominant force during the game he once again came through with a clutch jump shot to win the game 65-64. Fans rushed the court but 2 seconds remaind on the clock. I would still call it a buzzer beater!

Congratulations Curtis.

Curtis Senior, Dillon Berrey, prays for divine help during the remaining seconds.

Curtis teammates surround #0, Darnell Williams, following his game-winning shot.

Stan Langlow displayed the Viking's power during the 1st quarter with this slam dunk.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Harris Family

How's this for a Valentine's day? Some rockin' family portraits!

During every shoot I work with my clients in a personal and comfortable manner, bringing out thier true personalites and the inner self that really is just waiting to shine! Haley, Tim and Athen brought their A game on Valentine's for a family portrait session. We had a blast in Tacoma, even though Athen had a few bumps along the way!

Haley is a long time friend and I was honored to photograph her beautiful family.

Simply stunning!

The Harris' live in Pasco and Tim works as a police officer. That's what "Licence and registration please" looks like.

Okay...maybe you should leave the babysitting to mom.

I love these two photos of Athen with his Dad.

I can't wait for your next family portraits when Athen is a little older!

WCD Basketball Playoffs - Round 1

The Curtis Vikings started the WIAA Basketball Playoffs at home. Hosting what was their last game in the gym, which is to soon be replaced, the Viks went out with a message! Racking up a 30+ point lead over the Lincoln Abes by the 2nd half. (An interesting note, Curtis' Head Coach Tim Kelly previously lead the Abes to 2 State Titles in 2001 and 2002).

The Vikings are half way to the state tournament. They will play one more game tonight at Puyallup against Mount Tahoma. With a win Curtis will gain a seed in the WIAA Playoffs.

The energy was intense on the court and in the stands! A rowdy and often humorous crowd will need to continue to win momentum for the Vikings tonight!

Lui Kit Wong from THE NEWS TRIBUNE gets in close for the pre-game huddle. Lui took some great photographs using the powerful ISO abilities of the the new Nikon D700.

Even with daring acrobatics to save balls Lincoln never stood a chance. The Vikings defense caused numerous turnovers as well as headache for the Abes.

The fans went nuts following Stan Langlows dunk near the end of the first half!

#0 Darnell Williams finishes strong to the basket scoring even in the most difficult circumstances AND draws a foul.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photo of the Month - Aquarium

This photograph has been intriguing to me from the moment I took it. Of course you can notice the back-lighting but what really gives it flare is the large natural reflector, not seen in the picture of course. It's literally just a snap shot with beautiful lighting. Can't complain!

On Valentine's I shot an amazing family portrait session. Check back soon to see some lovely photographs!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

watch where you point that!

It is wrong and exactly what DOESN'T need to happen to photographs and our rights as citizens of the United States of America. ....but Steven Colbert really makes fun of the incedent so have a laugh like I did and watch the video below!

Check out this article from

"Amtrak Police Arrests Photographer Taking Pictures for Amtrek Photography Contest
February 4, 2009 -- In December 2008 Amtrak police arrested Duane Kerzic who was taking photos with his Canon EOS 5D and Lensbaby at Penn Station in NY. Duane was out taking pictures of trains in hopes of winning Amtrak’s annual photo contest along with the $1000 prize. According to published reports, Duane was standing on the platform taking pictures of the trains as they came and left from the station. As he was walking out of the station, he kneeled down to tie his shoe only to find Amtrak police hovering over him when he stood back up. Duane was arrested after refusing to delete the photographs and was handcuffed in a cell while police "figured out" the charges. It seems that once they realized that photographing in public places wasn't a crime they gave him a citation for 'trespassing.'

The Stephen Colbert report ran a great and very funny "Nailed 'em" segment on this story. Well worth watching (see video below).

The only part of this story that doesn't completely add up is that the Amtrak Photo Contest 2009 ended in July 11, 2008. I guess it could be assumed that Duane was capturing images for the 2010 contest? Either way - it's amazing how 9/11 has affected our security. On one hand it's great to see Amtrak police watching out for us, while on the other hand people looking to take pictures with a camera, in a public place, should never be harrassed - especially when the company itself sponsors a yearly photo contest asking its riders to do just that - take pictures of our trains!"

and watch the video!!!!

Space Needle

Another day in Seattle, this one was sunny! The Space Needle couldn't even hide from the rays or my camera lens.

I turned around and right in front was Mitchell. I couldn't even believe this...we inadvertantly found him AGAIN! Next we will be sure to have a picture with us to give to Mitchell.

15 years in WA and I never knew about the wall of GUM. It was covered!! haha. Naturally we contributed a few pieces of our own.