Sunday, February 22, 2009

Touch the Sky - WCD Round 2

This game was spectacular! Curtis faced neighboring school Mount Tahoma. The first half: very close, with Curtis on top by one. During the second half the game only became more grueling. Fans and players looked intently at referees following every whistle to see the call. In large part Curtis can thank their fans, who were nearly double in size compared to Mt T., for the edge that helped secure their birth in the WIAA playoffs.

By the end of the 4th quarter Curtis slipped from a 4 point lead and trailed by 1 with a minute left. Everyone in the gym was on their feet and the Curtis section displayed many emotions starting with excitetment. However the feeling soon grew to nervousness after 2 near turnovers that each ended out of bounds and Curtis ball. On the third posession with seconds remaining the Vikings inbound pass reached #0 Darnell Williams. A dominant force during the game he once again came through with a clutch jump shot to win the game 65-64. Fans rushed the court but 2 seconds remaind on the clock. I would still call it a buzzer beater!

Congratulations Curtis.

Curtis Senior, Dillon Berrey, prays for divine help during the remaining seconds.

Curtis teammates surround #0, Darnell Williams, following his game-winning shot.

Stan Langlow displayed the Viking's power during the 1st quarter with this slam dunk.

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