Saturday, February 21, 2009

Harris Family

How's this for a Valentine's day? Some rockin' family portraits!

During every shoot I work with my clients in a personal and comfortable manner, bringing out thier true personalites and the inner self that really is just waiting to shine! Haley, Tim and Athen brought their A game on Valentine's for a family portrait session. We had a blast in Tacoma, even though Athen had a few bumps along the way!

Haley is a long time friend and I was honored to photograph her beautiful family.

Simply stunning!

The Harris' live in Pasco and Tim works as a police officer. That's what "Licence and registration please" looks like.

Okay...maybe you should leave the babysitting to mom.

I love these two photos of Athen with his Dad.

I can't wait for your next family portraits when Athen is a little older!


Chris and Melissa said...

These pictures are AWESOME Michael! I so wish I was in WA to do a photo shoot! Nice job..did you study photography or is it a natural gift?

Andrew DeFilippis said...

These photos are pretty good.

Post processing could use a little bit more work, but overall I like them.