Thursday, May 21, 2009

BYU SWIM & DIVE Commercial

I was very excited to shoot the BYU swimmers. In high school, before I discovered my love for photography, I was an avid swimmer and water polo player. I played water polo and swam with some sleep and lots of eating in between. It seemed like that's all I did and it was great! Now that I am focusing on photography I only swim occasionally. It felt nostalgic to be at the pool with other swimmers but not suited up. The dramatic lighting setup quickly helped me forget any past feeling and I couldn't wait to take some photographs. I talk a little more about what went on in my behind the scenes post.

The real genius behind the madness is friend and film student Devin Graham of Greenlight Films. I'll post a link when they finish the commercial!

If only I had honed my photography skills when I I wish I had a photo of me like this.

This is now possibly my all time favorite photo I've taken....

Here are the guys who made the commercial happen: Devin, David, and Jacob (and a bunch of people who were a big help).

Devin, I say we sell this to Billabong. I'll go fifty-fifty with you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BYU SWIM & DIVE - Behind the Scenes

Monday night was great. Intense. My friend Devin Graham of Greenlight Films has been working on a commercial for the 2009 season of the BYU Swim and Dive Team. Let me tell you first hand that it is going to rock! All I've seen is a quick preview from the underwater filming and the day-of that I shot at. I promise you, you haven't seen anything like this.

Devin Graham and his team use the RED ONE digital camera. One word: AMAZING. I was overly impressed with the quality. The video has a magical look and feel, akin to what the Canon EOS 5D mkII offers in photography, for those familiar with SLR's.

The behind the scenes photos I took were so cool I had to make a post just about them. The real photographs are that much better. I can't wait to post them! ps, no I don't think I'm changing my logo...I just wanted a more simple design for these.

As you can see Devin does some pretty serious work. But he also likes to make sure everyone is having a good time!

The viewing tunnel beneath the pool was the perfect place for the interviews. Nice job Greenlight films!

Apparently Pledge is the way the best way to keep the track squeaky clean....minus the squeaks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moab Skies

Those of you following my travels know that I am now in Utah. Today is day 10 of living out of my suitcase and it's great! On Wednesday I drove down to Moab with my friend Bill Campbell. We picked Little Wild Horse Canyon as our hike for the day. Thursday we hiked a little under 14 miles, most of which was in the sun! We traversed canyons, cliffs, sand dunes, and the red rock. Towards the end we found an old abandoned mine. The food was amazing; hamburgers, bacon, eggs, Oreo's & milk, and chili. We didn't go hungry!

This is the sunrise from our the middle of nowhere.