Thursday, May 21, 2009

BYU SWIM & DIVE Commercial

I was very excited to shoot the BYU swimmers. In high school, before I discovered my love for photography, I was an avid swimmer and water polo player. I played water polo and swam with some sleep and lots of eating in between. It seemed like that's all I did and it was great! Now that I am focusing on photography I only swim occasionally. It felt nostalgic to be at the pool with other swimmers but not suited up. The dramatic lighting setup quickly helped me forget any past feeling and I couldn't wait to take some photographs. I talk a little more about what went on in my behind the scenes post.

The real genius behind the madness is friend and film student Devin Graham of Greenlight Films. I'll post a link when they finish the commercial!

If only I had honed my photography skills when I I wish I had a photo of me like this.

This is now possibly my all time favorite photo I've taken....

Here are the guys who made the commercial happen: Devin, David, and Jacob (and a bunch of people who were a big help).

Devin, I say we sell this to Billabong. I'll go fifty-fifty with you.

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