Saturday, July 5, 2008

Special Weapons and Tactics

Last week I got a call from my friend Alex Hacker asking me to come to a SWAT scenario exersise. Of couse I showed up...with my camera!

The low-down: 3 "bad guys" robbed a man at an ATM machine, then drove to the old, and soon to be torn down University Place Primary School. When the "bad guys" entered there were a few "teachers" cleaning out for the summer. A total of about 10 were taken hostage.

Dan and Jay reviewing specifics.

Once Jay explained the situation he positioned everyone where they should be. Oh and the "bad guys" had pistols loaded with paint bullets.

Alex Hacker. The quiet breath before complete chaos.

SWAT had already been in-route for a while and before we knew it they came pulling into the parking lot. 15 men advancing towards the school with fully automatic MP-5's (paint bullets again) is pretty intimidating. They began sweeping the school, everydoor, room and closet would be checked until all persons were secured.

As the photographer I could only go where the SWAT team lead, other wise I might compromise the position of the opposing forces (after all I'm not "really" there). I missed Alex getting shot up by 20+ bullets, but I found him on the ground.
This is the paper map of the school the SWAT team used to navigate. One member asked me where the library was (that's where the bad guys and hostages were). I said, "nope, besides I'm not even 'here'." They'll try and cheat any way they can!
The SWAT team eventually rounded everyone up. It was very interesting to stand with SWAT members during an official training. These guys are awesome and well trained! They keep our banks, malls and everyother building in Pierce County "bad guy-free".

Above: Flash Bang in-hand.

Below: Aftermath

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Armin de Fiesta said...

Oh man those training scenarios bring back memories! I miss my MP5!