Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Creek

I grew up at the Creek. Well maybe not quite, but after buying my first skim board when I was 12 years old, I couldn't get enough of the flatland sand banks and trying to "pop-shove-it". On any sunny day my sister Rachelle could count on a phone call with me trying to bum a ride to the Creek! This summer hasn't included very much sun but today was warm, with not too many clouds in the sky so I headed to the Creek once again.

This weekend, Saturday the 21st, DB Skimboards is hosting the 5th annual Dash Point Pro/Am contest. Be sure to check out their site, if you're interested in registering. It's sure to be an awesome contest with some of the best throwin it down! I will be covering the first few rounds of competition starting at 11:30 but will be leaving in the afternoon for a wedding.

My first visit back to Chambers Creek this summer I decided to snap a few pictures of the locals. I don't know everyone by name like I used to. But it was really nice to run into my friend John O'Keeffe, we'll definitely be doing a sick photoshoot in a few weeks!

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