Monday, May 19, 2008

Everyone likes a little action

While I was attending Brigham Young University I made sure I was able to photograph some athletic events. The first shoot with my new lens was the BYU Blue & White spring football game. I was happy my friend JJ DiLuigi asked me to come take pictures of him. JJ is starting his sophomore year at BYU as a running back who will surely not go unnoticed on the field. JJ had many impressive carries with the ball to preview what must only be a promising year for the young star. Be sure to keep an eye on DiLuigi, #10, when the Cougars start their 2008 season away, against an always tough University of Washington. JJ, if I am still around for the Washington game I'll find you on the side-lines and get capture some sweet carnage against the Dawgs!
Track & Field is not at the top of my list for favorite sporting events, but when I met Hailey Ficklin I knew I would be able to capture a unique side of the sport. Hailey competed as the #1 high jumper during her freshman year on the BYU Track & Field team. Hailey is capable of clearing 6'0"; 6 inches higher than the next closest team mate, a senior. I envied Hailey's position as an NCAA athlete.

When I finished my high school senior year I had helped lead our water polo team to a state title. My dream had always been to play water polo in California when I graduated. In the end, life sorted out the possiblity and today I am not playing collegiate level water polo. During the two photo shoots with Hailey I learned that she left her scholarship with BYU due to political issues with the team. I could not understand how she could walk away from it all; everything I had wanted as an athlete she was leaving behind. In that moment I realized to find what you really are looking for you have to be willing to walk away from it all. It has been hard for me to decrease the amount of time I dedicated to water polo and swimming, but I have definitely found new appreciation in my life as I move on. The opportunity I had to photograph Hailey helped me grow. Thanks Hailey!

I also went to a few vollyball games. Our Mens team is amazing! Placed top four in the country and has won the National Championship many time in the past 6 six years. Good luck next year guys!

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