Saturday, January 10, 2009

the greatest city

Over the past 5 years, as I have traveled to new places, I can now say I love Seattle, and Washington and of course my home town of University Place. The clouds and rain used to really get on my nerve. But now I see the amazing vistas in my great state and wouldn't trade them for the beaches of California or the craziness of NY. Every city has something special to offer and Seattle is not left out! The thing is Washington (I don't really include Eastern Washington) has so many things to offer that I truly believe it's the most well rounded state in existence. Sure we get our rain...and lots of it...actually record amounts this week that caused historic flooding! But who cares; the summers are gorgeous and Mount Rainier dominates the horizon even on a partially cloudy day. If you've never been to Washington or spent a day in Seattle you're really missing out! So here are some pictures of my recent excursion with my best friends Maura, Sawyer and Casey. oh it was fun!

The world famous Pike's Place Market. And the Salmon tossing. The Market is amazing and always alive with adventure!

I convinced a touristy looking man to take a photograph of Sawyer and I. Turned out pretty good, thanks random street man!

This is the friendly lady who asked, "Hey are you two looking for samples?" why of course we'll take some free chocolate awesomeness! Chocolate covered cherries, nuts, and esspresso beans :D
One of my favorite resturants, Johnny Rocket's.
Meet Mitchell. A local homeless man who needed "something, anything" (while we were waiting for Maura and Casey to meet us I couldn't stand there and say I no when we were just about to eat at McCormick and Schmick's) so I offered to buy him a meal...Subway was closest. We lingered in Subway for a few minutes only to find that Mitchell had handed the sadwich to the closest bum on the corner...
"Hey the resturant is on this side of the street" "no it's on this side!" "wait they have two within 4 blocks of eachother" who knew.

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