Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo of the Month

Every photo has a story. This one is no different. For the photo of the month I enjoy picking photographs that have an interesting story to tell and not just a properly composed or executed image.

ISO 100, 8 seconds, f/9

I have been searching for this park for quite a while and finally located it on this beautiful night. This photo of the Seattle skyline is taken from Queen Ann Hill, with a predominate emphasis on the Space Needle. But I wanted to make sure I included the Seattle Center as well as the Key Arena. Obviously with a long exposure like this you might assume I was using a Gitzo tripod. But in all actuality I found a 22oz plastic Coke lid to prop up the front of my 24-70 L just enough to give some cushion above the space needle. It was a very overcast night! And it turned out to give a perfect red haze to the sky! I loved this night. And I couldn't have done it with out Sawyer, you were a huge help! (thanks for grabbing my battery grip!!)

To night's with amazing people and plastic coke lids!....

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Chris and Melissa said...

Michael! All of your pictures are absolutely AMAZING! Seriously..you are fantastic! I love them all..I wish we had you for our wedding...so bad!