Saturday, April 25, 2009


In March I decided to do a little shopping (it had been over a year since I had purchased new clothes). On the list were jeans (a comfortable yet stylish pair to shoot in), a few button up shirts and possibly some tee's. South Center was a sure bet since it has the best shops. I just happened to be in the same store as Zach. He gave me some great ideas for jeans! I told him it was important that they were not just good looking but very comfortable because I am a photographer.

Zach is the owner of Image180. He asked me to take photos for his new website. I was excited to work with Zach from the very beginning because I knew our style would meet in a sweet spot of creativity. As a professional image consultant Zach knows style! But it doesn't stop there....he also works with his clients in everything from grammar to posture and hair to makeup. Zach's background is very well rounded. He builds off the the strengths and weakness in each client, never having a one-style-fits-all. I watched him help Brooke and it was awesome to see his work!

If you're thinking about freshing up your look I definitely recommend calling Zach.

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