Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lauren + Adam | Hitched

Here's the wedding! I'm not gonna write much because I've been working on these photos throughout the day. But Lauren and Adam, I had a blast. Thank you. 4 days straight with blog posts...maybe I can make it all week :D

As soon as I took this exposure I knew I had a keeper. Something about the curve of the hand in relation to Lauren's face.

Here's the groom's men doing the Captain Morgan stance

Lauren's father, John, (that's right Father John, just kidding) was so excited the entire day.

Uhhh....what am I supposed to do with this again?


SheLLy BaaEby said...

i love your pictures. they're beautiful :)

Kristen said...

Yay! Great day. Great photos. You did a lovely job, Michael.

Kjrsten said...

What a great wedding, looks like a fun party!

Do you have any pics from Eliza's yet?

When do you leave for your travels? I am bummed we never hooked up last weekend. Maybe next time...