Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keith and Jenny

This is one couple you need to know! They are absolutely amazing and I had a blast photographing their Washington reception.

What the outside portraits don't tell you is the weather report. It was FREEZING! Not to mention the intense and sideways-blowing wind that cut through even my North Face jacket. Jenny put on a gorgeous smile and you can't even tell that it's 34 degrees. The 3 of us were outside for a mere 5 minutes before calling it quits. Of course I wanted more time with the Bride and Groom but I was happy to capture these photos!

The center pieces looked (and tasted) great.....okay seriously I didn't eat any of the limes.

Yes, that is correct. Keith will be replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond and Jenny will be accompanying. They perform all of their own stunts.
They really are a fabulous couple!

This is one of my favorite shots from the reception. Keith's younger brother Andrew played the guitar while his wife, Alexis, sang Keith and Jenny's song.


Carley said...

Michael!! I LOVE your pictures!! I love how you have a different eye and view things differently! It gives the pictures individuality! I love it!

Sawyer said...

I don't even know what to say! These are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Wished I had been able to attend the reception. You did a great job, Michael. Love Mom

anna said...

you have a true talent. these pictures don't just look like real life, they make real life look real awesome. here you have captured in your lens some very intimiate moments of the people i love the most. these are truly priceless.