Saturday, March 28, 2009

Style This

Anna and Kjrsten are 2 of the hippest moms in town. The two sisters are a few years older than I and also grew up in University Place. Friday we had a little get-together in Old Town Tacoma to discuss basic photography technique. Kjrsten (Red) and Anna(Blue) write a blog called Have a Cute Day. There is a post everyday (wow maybe I should learn from them)! It's a great fashion blog that discusses the lastest trends and shows off awesome taste in clothing. Their wardrobe collection is absolutely incredible(Oh and that doesn't even include the shoes). They are looking for more guy fashion out there so drop a line if you're interested in giving your modeling career a jump start!

As they say "it's the accessories that make an outfit". Okay I'm just going to stick to taking photos.

Of course I had to get a few pictures for me. I really like this one complements of Anna.

This was a really relaxed and fun session. I look forward to getting together again in May!


anna said...

i loved being your teach back in back in '02 and i loved being your student on friday. you are really amazing! you make me look like a celebrity. how do you do it??? i can't wait to hang out with you again.

Molly W. said...

These 2 ladies are ridiculously cute and stylish aren't they?! Esp love the b/w of Anna! (but of course they all rock) :)

Kjrsten said...

i really like the last train tracks walking photo- non posed but still cute!

thanks for taking the time, to teach me. That location was great, how can we top that one next time?!