Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Travel Time

This week's weather forcast is rain and lots of it. So instead of waiting around for the sun I'm working on my travel plans this spring to some great locals! May is going to be busy and I'll be living out of my suitcase :D Contact me ASAP if you're wanting a session in any of the following locations and I we can book a date!

Utah - 1st week of May
I'll be revisiting Moab in Utah with stops in Zion's National Park, and Provo/SLC for portraits. Blake, you know we'll be hanging.

California - 2nd week of May
Malibu. Long Beach. Here I come! I can't wait to see Alex and Tyler. Hopefully I can meet up with some of the photogs that inspire me.

3rd week of May
and the grand daddy of trips....JAPAN! Wow I can't explain how excited I am to visit my sister Rachelle and Joe! Okinawa for 3 weeks with a day or two in mainland Japan; Tokyo of course. I'm offering special "exchange rates" on my photography packages while overseas. More details later.

And because I need a picture with my post!...
Here's what the gloom looks like. Straight. Out. Of. The. Camera.

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