Sunday, November 9, 2008

Curtis Football - State Prelim vs Mariner

This weeks game against Mariner was very exciting! I tested out my new 135mm f/2.0 L USM!!! AHHH it's amazing; so fast and so sooo SHARP :D With the rain I was also shooting with a Kata rain gear, which I operated on during half-time with my pocket knife to cut a hole for the eye piece.

Digital negatives of all the photographs are available and can be purchased for $35 each or all photographs from playoffs of a player on DVD at the end of the year: price TBD.

Discussing the call. The ref doesn't take any of it.

Charlie Gilmur sacks Mariner QB #8.

Any way you look at it this was defintiely the most exciting play of the game. #34 gets a break-away run and looks to be heading for 6 in the endzone. Out of nowwhere comes Viking #11 Landon Carr. Carr steals the momentum back for Curtis with an amazing hit that sends #34 literally flying through the air. Everyone enjoyed the hit! Carr has been a top-recruit for lacrosse teams across the nation and will be playing for Maryland after he graduates in 2009.

Viking #12 incepts the ball in the final 2 minutes to secure Curtis' birth into the WIAA State Playoffs.

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Chelsy Rae said...

your photography is awesome. you should take pictures of me and my roommates and make us look super pretty :)

that would rock.