Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elizabeth Ann

During this last week I drove to the Bellevue/Seattle area 3 times and now estimate the drive to take 50 min from door to door with minimal tracffic. Wednesday afternoon I went to the Microsoft HQ for usability research testing for a small business owners. As a photographer I worked one on one with a Microsoft employee for 2 hours giving feedback for a new program. It was pretty fun and I felt like I contributed well to their new software. But the real fun times were with Ellie:

For my niece's 3rd birthday I gave her a mommy daughter photoshoot. This last Wednesday Ellie booked me, the park, and her mom for a great time and some excellent photos! Ellie is a so much fun to be around. She is always learning new words and forming the biggest sentences, usually resulting in some really good humor! I especially LOVE her many faces and attitudes...well at least most of the time. It's all below. Enjoy!! and if you're a youngin' out there that wants pictures with your mom or dad give me a call!

I was sooo stoked when I saw the school bus coming! Totally makes the picture!

fACeS?? these are just a couple that she comes up with!

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