Friday, November 7, 2008

Kate's 18th Birthday!

Here are some pictures from Wednesday the 5th. Kate gets to vote like 2012 ;)
Our chef was REALLY funny:
Pow - "I don't speak english...I just say words"
Tara - "How do you know all our names?"
Pow - "My secret stalker ways"

If you go to Iron Chef ask for Pow. You'll be happy!

Bret using my camera below:

Tara using my camera below:

You gotta love the rice throwing!

Dolce Gabbana - light blue. From Kate's Aunt.

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r^3 said...

well I'm not going to lie I didn't find your blog on my own your brother proudly showed it to me a few times I look at it everyonce in a while and just decided to subscribe. You take really cool pictures keep the great work up!