Monday, November 3, 2008

Curtis Football vs E.R.

Halloween was a scary night for Emerald Ridge. I didn't even look at the final score but the Curtis Vikings won 70 something to ZERO. Below are a couple of pictures. Check out the Vikings this Friday (11/7/2008) @ 7:30 for some home turf playoff action. And if you miss it just check back here for some of the highlights!

The low-light visability with the addition of fog proved to be challenging to shoot in. But of course it really helps to set the mood as seen in this shot.

I've been gone all Fall and I finally got to watch Kate cheer so I had to get some good pictures!

Postin' up!

Don't get caught in the coaches gaze.

#30 Charlie Gilmur didn't lose focus during the entire game, even with a slight ankle injury.

More of the fog. It was thick!

Even when the Vikings held a commanding lead #16 streched the ball across the goal line for 6 more.

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