Monday, November 3, 2008

Death of my iPod

Well first of all I always said if my iPod died I'd never buy another Apple mp3 player...but it's 3 years later and somehow I talked myself out of the Zune 120 for another iPod Classic.

This one is reborn with a darker sexier side! Thin and black with 4x the capacity of my iPod photo. Too bad my music archive is 350+ GB of 320kbps audiophile goodness!!! I should be able to fit 14,000 songs on it though.

Here's the inside of the little beast. It suffered from HDD failure along with a deteriorating battery disorder.

I've always loved my iPod but when I had all the problems I experienced Apples poor customer service for myself. The state of my pod waranted a fair replacement or repair from Apple but they refused. They sell too many and just expect consumers to go and buy another after a few years. So long story short I recommend choosing to go with the Microsoft Zune, Sansa, or Creative products.

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